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Nov 5, 2016

Accuracy Unlimited Wine & Canvas

 Wine and Canvas is not just a paint class, it’s Art Entertainment at its finest. Awesome local artists, great customer service, and unique surroundings make for an amazing experience that you won’t find anywhere else. Sipping your favorite wine or cocktail, letting your inner artist out to create a masterpiece, and maybe breaking into song throughout the night is what we have planned for you! Leave your cares at the door and dive into the paint party! Best part you take your artwork with you and leave the clean up behind! Wine and Canvas is an inexpensive way to pick up the paintbrush! Cheaper than art school or private lessons and without lengthy commitments. Join us at Accuracy Unlimited for this special occasion and create a collection that is uniquely yours! Just like a signature everyone has their own style and we know you will find yours. We encourage you to let the paint flow! With step-by-step instruction, even the most inexperienced painters will create a work of art.















2 PM – 5 PM






Accuracy Unlimited

600 S CR 900 W

Seymour, Indiana 47265

www.accuracyunlimiedllc.com sales@accuracyunlimitedllc.com

(812) 524-8524


Having an event in the near future?  Contact us about one of our rooms we have available for rent. 

One Stop Shop for your Target Practice needs

Gun, Archery, and Fishing store combined, Southern Indiana's Premier Shooting and Training Complex.

Accuracy Unlimited features a 4000 sq. ft. showroom, two classrooms for training, meeting, party, and a concession area. We have NRA certified instructors on staff at all times to assist on the range and with training. 


Steel Targets

All are laser cut by Accuracy Unlimited LLC from AR400 or AR500 steel. We have a large selection of targets available.



Indiana Field Archery Association District Shoots :

Sunday November 6

District Shoot 300 round

Sunday December 11

District Shoot 300 round

Sunday January 22nd

District Shoot 300 round

Sunday January 29fr

Vegas 660 mail in

Sunday February

District Shoot 300 round

10:00 am to 12 pm hosted by Accuracy Unlimited

Registration: 9:00 am- 9:45 Shooting begins at 10:00 am $10.00 for adult $5.00 for youth for District shoots.

Shoot as a NFAA member or as a guest shooter. District shoots qualify NFAA members to compete in Indiana State Field Archery Assoc. State Championship in Kokomo, Indiana

To Join NFAA go to www.nfaausa.com

11 yrs and under shoot 10 yards, 12 yrs and up shoot 20 yards.

Single or 5 spot, All NFAA classes,

2 practice rounds, 12 scoring rounds, 5 arrows each round

( Standard NFAA indoor 300 round)

More info call (812) 371-3550

NFAA Class and Age groups

C = Cub (Age up to 11 years old)

Y = Youth (Ages 12 through 14)

Y/A = Young Adult (Ages 15 through 17)

A = Adult (Any Age)

S = Senior (Ages 50 and older)

S/S = Silver Senior (60 and older)

M/S = Master Senior (70 and older)

 Freestyle (coded FS) is virtually an unlimited class. You can shoot any bow with a movable sight, any length stabilizer, and use a release aid. The sight can have certain magnifications.

 Freestyle Limited (coded FSL) is basically the same as FS with the exception that you cannot use a release aid. "Limited" means you shoot without a release aid.

 Freestyle Limited Recurve (coded FSLR) are standard Olympic bows. You are allowed to use a recurve with sights, stabilizers, and clickers.

 Barebow (coded BB) can use any bow including a compound. In addition you can use any length stabilizer, any rest, a level and you can "walk the string." ("Walking the string" means your fingers can change position on the bow string during the tournament.) You cannot use a sight.

 Competitive Bowhunter also called Bowhunter (coded BH) can use any bow including a compound. Your string finger must stay against the arrow nock and it must stay in one position below or above the arrow nock. You may not use a sight, clicker or level. You may use a stabilizer up to 12" in length.

 Bowhunter Freestyle (coded BHFS) bows can have up to 5 fixed sight pins (you cannot adjust your sight after you start shooting an official round), a stabilizer up to 12" in length, and you can use a release aid. These are usually compound bows.

 Bowhunter Freestyle Limited (coded BHFSL) is basically the same as BHFS with the exception that you cannot use a release aid. "Limited" means you shoot without a release aid.

 Traditional (coded TRAD) bows are all bows without wheels or pulleys (no compounds). All longbows and recurve fit into this division until the longbow class was formed. Your string finger must stay against the arrow nock and it must stay in one position below or above the arrow nock. You may not use a sight or level on your bow. You can use a rest, front stabilizer up to 12 inches and a button. All of the arrows must be identical.

 Longbows (coded LB) is determined by string not touching the bow limb. A recurve bow string lays on the limb in a limb grove. Not all longbows meet NFAA rules. Modern longbows that have a reflex are considered traditional bows not a longbow. In addition you must use wooden arrows that are all the same.

 Crossbow (coded CB) is just that, a crossbow. Crossbows are a new class for NFAA and at present is only shot at indoor tournaments capable of handling the additional needs of such equipment. Ranges need fortified bales and may not be able to handle crossbows. Consult the web site for restrictions.


Mon- Fri:
12 pm - 7 pm 

9 am - 5 pm

12 pm - 5pm




600 S. County Road 900 W.
Seymour, IN 47274