Accuracy Unlimited features an two story indoor archery range, with 25 lanes on the first floor and 35 yard 3D archery range on the second floor. Accuracy Unlimited also has a complete archery pro shop with a technician on staff to assist with all of your archery needs.

Bag Targets

$6 an hour per person

$15 per person per day

3D Targets

$12 per round per person

1 arrow per target


Individual Memberships


Archery Bag Target Only    $150.00

Archery 3D & Archey Bag Target    $250.00 


Family Memberships 

Archey 3D & Archery Bag Target    $350.00

Gun Range, Archery 3D, Archery Bag Target    $750.00

( 2 adults, 2 children, under the age of 18; additional children are $25 each.) 




 We offer two free hours of range time for students on every Wednesday night to practice in our state of the are facility. The range is only available to students involved in the NASP program during this time is 5pm to 7pm.





  In an effort to keep this range time available to the students at no cost to them, Accuracy Unlimited is seeking partners to share the expense of opening the range and provide equipment and staff available to assist with training.  Sponsors will receive radio spots to mention the name of sponsors on Accuracy Unlimited radio ads on WKKG, WCSI, and WINN with streaming commercials on radio websites, along with banners with sponsors name on the wall of the archery range.  Sponsorship is good for 1 year.        Levels of Sponsorship are as follows:

Bronze Level:       $250       you receive a 1 square foot banner, 10 radio ads, & 10 streaming web commercials

Silver Level:          $500       you receive a 2 square foot banner, 20 radio ads, & 20 streaming web commercials

Gold Level:           $1,000   you receive a 4 square foot banner, 40 radio ads, & 40 streaming web commercials

Platinum Level:   $2,500   you receive a 12 square foot banner, 120 radio ads, & 120 streaming web commercials


 Accuracy Unlimited would like to thank these local business for there support!









                         YOUTH TARGET                           NASP Eternity Target

                               $40.00                                           $240.00



                 Supreme Range Target                      Crossbow Broadhead Target

                             $125.00                                            $50.00




            Crossbow Field Point Target                              Outdoor Range Target

                        $50.00                                                     $125.00


Mon- Fri:
12 pm - 7 pm 

9 am - 5 pm

Sun: 12 pm - 5 pm




600 S. County Road 900 W.
Seymour, IN 47274